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Wood Flooring

Hardwood is the best choice for flooring even though it is not the least expensive. One of the reasons one should consider hardwood floors is because they are created with fewer chemicals as carpet is. There are less toxic odor and toxic chemicals leaching into the air. However, hardwood can be a style preference for our customers. Hardwood is great for homes, workspaces, studios, stores, and almost anything. Today, you can purchase wood for less money without losing quality. 

If you do not want your floors to hold dust, mites, and dirt, hardwood is the best option. Choose from our broad range of options for wood flooring, like bamboo, hardwood, cork, water-resistant, finished, unfinished, solid, engineered, oak, maple, cherry, and many more. American Export sells and delivers products; however, installation is not included. American Export provides hardwood from any company you desire including custom hardwood designed personally by you with the help of our team. As another option, we offer residential decking for decks, docks, siding, ceilings, that last for 20 plus years.

The beautiful tropical lumbar we use include Cumaru, Teak, Jatoba, and many more. Moreover, these decking options are highly sustainable and an earth-friendly green option for customers that are environmentally conscious.

American Export is experienced in helping its customers choose the appropriate hardwood for specific climates due to more extreme or mild weather depending on the location. We provide rain-resistant woods and siding for maintaining life-long decking.

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