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Rebar is not just a steel reinforcing rod in concrete; it is the foundation of any construction project. American Export’s expertise and experience will guarantee the best quality rebar for unbeatable prices. 

In addition to our high-quality products, our service will exceed your expectations. We provide great customer service, timely shipping, and reasonable prices. If you need any assistance in choosing rebar, allow one of our representatives to point you in the right direction.

Sometimes, clients need assistance when it comes to choosing the size of rebar. But the size is a necessary part to pay close attention to since the majority of rebar is sold by diameter (usually 1/8th-inch increments). Rebar that is larger than this is usually only used for commercial or industrial projects since hydraulic benders must be used when the rebar is thicker.

If you need help ordering rebar for your project, please fill out our form and we will get started on getting you the building supplies you are looking for.


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