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You’ve found the perfect place to purchase your fasteners for your construction project. American Export has access to the largest wholesale variety of fasteners. We can provide you with the exact fasteners you need at a great price. We are happy to ship thousands of wholesale screws, nuts, bolts, and more for you immediately. 

The quality of fasteners is important because these tools hold buildings together. Save your time and money when purchasing these critical pieces of steel, brass, bronze, aluminum, copper, or even plastic, depending on the use. Some US fasteners include:

  • cable ties
  • carriage and plow bolts
  • concrete anchors and screws
  • cotter pins
  • cover caps
  • decking fasteners
  • dowel pins
  • drywall fasteners
  • forged lifting hardware
  • hanger bolts and dowel screws
  • hex head bolts
  • hex lag screws
  • machine screws
  • nails
  • staples
  • nuts
  • retaining rings
  • rivets
  • roofing nails and screws
  • S hooks
  • self-drilling screws
  • self-tapping sheet metal screws
  • shoulder bolts
  • socket cap screws
  • socket set screws
  • square head bolts
  • structural fasteners
  • strut parts and fittings
  • thread cutting screws
  • thread inserts threaded rod and key stock
  • washers
  • wielding fasteners
  • wood screws
  • and more.

Some metric fasteners include:

  • Allen keys
  • carriage bolts
  • hex bolts
  • machine screws
  • nuts
  • socket cap screws
  • socket set screws
  • thread inserts
  • threaded rod
  • washers

Security fasteners are important parts of the construction. Some examples are spanner snake eye screws, hex pin in security screws, one-way security screws, star drive tamper-proof screws, tamper proof bits and drivers, tamper proof nuts, and more. Some tools that are used to fasten these pieces securely include abrasives, Allen keys, anti-seize lubricants, drill bits, driver bits, wiring, gauges, measuring tools, hammers, industrial stapler, thread lockers, pliers, power tools, rivet tools, screwdrivers, tapes, adhesives, sockets, wrenches, welding equipment, etc.

For more information or to speak with a product specialist who can make recommendations for your application, please call or email us. Our specialists have decades of selling construction and building tools experience.

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